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Built for all types of Retail Industries

At NCR Counterpoint, we understand that not all businesses in the retail industry are created equal. That is why we designed our retail POS systems to include the features that solve the challenges many small business POS systems don’t address — and make the process of running a business more smooth, less daunting and more enjoyable.

Whether you sell apparel, sporting goods, lawn-and-garden supplies or spirits, our point of sale systems for small business can streamline every aspect of your backend operations — including retail inventory management features that empower you to automate purchasing, check inventory levels remotely, and print custom labels and price tags.

To give customers an efficient checkout experience at the point of sale, our small business POS features intuitive touch screen (or manual) functionality and an easy-to-navigate interface that empowers your sales team to meet customer needs —including purchases, returns and layaway transactions. Our two-second credit check authorizations give customers who pay with check, debit or credit the convenient checkout experience service they deserve — and that will keep them coming back.

Because we understand how challenging but critical targeted marketing efforts can be when resources are limited, our POS system for small business includes a customer relationship management (CRM) tool designed to lighten your load — and optimize your marketing dollars. With this functionality, sales staff can capture important customer information at the point of sale. This includes email addresses, contact information and even favorite sizes, colors and styles — making your marketing promotions more effective, and customer service more memorable.

Whether you run a thrift store, specialty grocery store or a shoe store, our retail POS system can help you better connect with customers and streamline operations, so you can focus on what really matters: building the business of your dreams.

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