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Apparel POS System

NCR Counterpoint provides a customized POS system for retail clothing stores.

Keep track of detailed items, manage inventory and automate purchasing all from a centralized system.

Communicate with your customers to ensure effective marketing efforts and improve the customer retail experience.

Track Detailed Item Information

Increase Sales

Smart Marketing

Increase Speed at the Point of Sale

Customer Stories
“NCR’s integrated sales tools help us connect with customers, control inventory, and accelerate growth. Without these systems, we couldn’t run our business.”
Read More Joe Frost, Manager Robert Frost Fine Footwear
“Within a few minutes, I can identify our hot sellers and order extra inventory before the item sells out, or even make a decision to swap out a slow selling item, ensuring customers who visit our stores can always find what they're looking for.”
Fred Levine, M.Fredric


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