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Speciality Food POS & Grocery Store POS System | NCR

NCR Counterpoint provides a powerful grocery store POS system. Our retail point of sale solution features functionality designed specifically for the specialty food industry including support for catering and bulk items stocked by weight.

Sell Items by Weight

Drive Repeat Business

Track Food Items

Automate Purchasing

Customer Stories
“NCR Counterpoint is a vital part of our business, optimizing everything from forecasting and purchasing to inventory control.”
Read More Nick Marziliano, Owner Sam’s Italian Deli
“We have dramatically improved staff productivity for our catering business with integrated eCommerce. Catering calls used to take 20 or 30 minutes; now all of that is handled online. Our customers can review options and process orders themselves.”
Read More Nick Marziliano, Owner Sams Italian Deli
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